Party Boxes

Host a crafty party!


Kids will love our craft activities which will keep them busy, and give them a piece of art to proudly take home!

We will send you everything you need including guidance and inspiration ideas.

Crystal Art Canvas

(Ages 8+)

Create your own masterpiece! Each child can create a unique work of art. The kit includes a 20cm x 20cm canvas for each child, paints, sponges, paintbrushes, glitter and a choice of Crystal Art Motif to complete your design. Use your imagination to decorate the canvas as a beautiful background for your sparkly crystal art motif sticker.  


Foam Clay Pot 'Painting'

(Ages 4+)

This fun activity allows kids to use their imagination to decorate one of our fun pots using Foam Clay. Simply spread the desired colour on using your fingers or shape the clay to make 3D add ons such as hair or even a superhero cape! There is no mess with this activity as the Foam Clay only sticks to the pots, not fingers or tables!


Wooden Gamer Plaque

Gamers will love decorating this wooden plaque which will look great in any bedroom.


Crystal Art Notebooks

What better place to note down your thoughts than in a sparkling Crystal Art Notebook?! Spend time with your friends whilst creating these beautiful notebooks. Great for children and adults aged 8+


Planet and Stars Wall Clock

Host a party to make this beautiful planets and stars wall clock, which will look amazing in any child or teenagers bedroom.


Suitable for ages 8+ this is a great craft that will take a couple of hours to complete. Adult supervision is required for younger children.


Kite Decorating

Create a great kids party where they have lots of fun and use their imaginations decorating their very own kite! Each kite will be unique, reflect their personalities and will be a gift to take home and have hours of fun with. Maybe flying the finished products could be a fun part of the party too!


A party for 6 Children with a kite and pack of fabric pens each is just £50! You can add more children to the party for just £6 each too!


Crazy Moving Figures!

Create some crazy moveable figures with this adaptable kit!


Design the figurines using the Silk Clay, pipe cleaners, plastic eyes and modelling tools provided.


With 3 different styles of mechanical wind-up bases, and eight colours of clay you can let your imagination flow.  We can't wait to see what you create!


The Silk Clay air dries within 24 hours to provide a robust, ‘playable’ figure.


Add extra children to your party for just £9.50 each


Host a magical unicorn party! Make these gorgeous 3D wooden unicorns! Personalise them using the glitter Foam Clay included in the kit. This is a great kit for children aged 7+ (adult supervision may be required when putting the wooden unicorns together)

unicorn pic.jpg